Yacht Charter Mediterranean

Yacht Charter Mediterranean

For many people, a sailing holiday, like any other, is as much about the destination as it is about the type of weather you can expect when you get there.

Why Yacht Charter Mediterranean

With a Yacht Charter Mediterranean, you are spoiled for choice with your destinations, Greece, Turkey, France, Croatia, Corsica, Italy and Spain are all superb places for skippers to head. Each have their own delights and professional charter skippers will argue forever, extolling the virtues of their favourites.

Helm Yacht Charters are happy to offer their own opinion, but as it is your sailing holiday, the final choice is left with you.  A great way to keep your options open is to join one of our flotilla sailing holidays where you will always have the help and advice of very experienced skippers that know the waters intimately.

Favourite Mediterranean Destinations

Enjoy a skippered or bareboat yacht charter to the popular Ionian Islands of Greece or sail through calm waters and anchor in the harbours of Meganissi or Lefkas and meet up with like-minded explorers and make new friends over a glass of ouzo.

Other destinations that are great favourites are Ithaca, Cephalonia and Corfu. Spend your days anchored in the splendid surroundings of a secluded beach.

The choice of so much beauty can be overwhelming when on a Mediterranean Yacht Charter, but remember when you come back next year it will still be as beautiful. Then there is the fact that you will be much the wiser from the amazing voyage you are about to book.

If this is your first time with us taking a skippered yacht charter will leave you free to relax and take everything in. Picking the brains of the skipper about their local knowledge will pay enormous dividends as you start to plan your next trip sailing with Helm Yacht Charters.

Memories Made With Helm Yacht Charters

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