Women Only Sailing Courses

Women Only Sailing Courses

Helm Yacht Charter are really pleased to be working in association with the British Offshore Sailing School (BOSS) who run the Women Only Sailing Courses from their headquarters in Hamble Point Marina, Southampton. 

Many women prefer to get sailing experience in the company of other women. This allows them to relax and have fun without the pressure of competition that is often seen in mixed gender sailing courses.

If you are looking for women only sailing course, but do not want to follow RYA course syllabus, our Women Only Sailing Courses are customised to meet your individual requirements. This syllabus mainly covers sailing basics, mooring, docking, anchoring, cruising, racing, navigation, pilotage, man overboard recovery techniques and spinnaker handling. 

Helm Yacht Charters Women Only Sailing Courses 

Whether you are looking to brush up your sailing skills or learn new techniques, the women only sailing courses will ensure that you do not have to play a secondary role to your partner, the next time you are on your family yacht. He will be able to depend on you and hand over responsibility on long passages, so that the boat and everyone on board can come home safely.

Our women only sailing courses which are customised to your requirements are available as a 5 day course that will cost you £560 for 5 consecutive days from Sunday till the next Friday. You could also take smaller 2day and 3day weekend sailing courses, costing  £230 and £335 respectively, depending on your schedule. Once you complete the course, you will be more capable and competent to take control of the boat when required. You will be able to spend time on a boat with your partner and be able to have a great sailing experience.

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