RYA Qualified Skippers Course

RYA Qualified Skippers Course

The RYA Qualified Skippers Course is run by the British Offshore Sailing School (BOSS) from their Southampton training facility in Hamble Point Marina. The BOSS sailing courses are run in association with Helm Yacht Charters. Even qualified skippers often come to us saying they rarely get a chance to practice their skills when cruising with their friends or families. This is where the RYA Qualified Skippers Course allows them to hone up their sailing skills during the weekend. The course is perfect for skippers who are not yet confident about launching their own boat or sail to a new site even after obtaining their day skippers certificate.

Helm Yacht Charters RYA Qualified Skippers Course

Each of our Qualified Skippers Courses are custom designed to meet the requirements of the students attending the course. Thus, it is best to discuss your needs with us, so that we are able to concentrate on those areas during the weekend.

This course is ideal for people who have completed their skipper course, but do not own a boat to practice their surf launches. The 2 Day weekend Qualified Skippers Course is held throughout the year. The check-in is at our Hamble School on Fridays. The cost of this advanced skipper course is £230 and you can reserve your seat directly from our website. At the end of the course, you will have a sense of achievement and having mastered advanced skills, you will have a new found confidence in yourself to truly enjoy your cruising experience.

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