Learn To Sail Holidays

Learn To Sail Holidays

Helm Yacht Charters is a great place to start learning the ropes when you want to someday skipper your own bareboat yacht charter.

Our learn to sail holidays are tailored to your skill level and you decide how far you want to go.

Learn To Sail Holidays for All Levels

 If you have crewing experience and want to move up, or if has been a while and you want to brush up on skills you have not used for a while, there are sailing holidays for everyone.

Our experienced training skippers have salt water running through their veins and know how to get the best from those wishing to learn. Anyone who loves the sea knows that sailing holidays are not just about cruising in the sunshine. There are thrills to be had and untold places to be explored.

Enjoy The Whole Process

There are a number of qualificationS to be obtained from our learn to sail holidays, and as your expertise and experience grows, so too will your need to progress.
Helm Yacht Charters will help and support you, ensuring you never pick up any bad habits and you know your knots (ropes and lines) from your knots (travelling speed). Map reading and compass work are all essentials that put many people off, but we will make sure that when you come back to us to join one of our flotilla sailing holidays, you will be one of the best skippers in the fleet.

Learn to sail holidays are one of our most popular sailing holidays and their popularity is on the increase. They say that time and tide wait for no man and the same could be said for our learn to sail holidays. As soon as the season’s programmes are published there is a rush of eager soon to be skippers booking their places.

To ensure you are not disappointed early booking is advised and Helm Yacht Charters will make sure you enjoy the whole process.

Memories Made With Helm Yacht Charters

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